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Zelda is a powerhouse. I recently attended one of her workshops and was blown away by the level of care, attention, and passion she shares with the participants. It allowed me to get over my shyness and create something I feel proud of, for the first time in years. I would highly recommend her workshops to anyone looking to tap into their creative potential.


“Zelda's genuine presence, her authenticity and dedication, make her a gift to any space she enters. The quality of care she brings to each moment contributes to an atmosphere of connection and trust that enriches everyone who comes into contact with her. I am convinced that she is on her way to becoming a much-needed figure of compassion and change in a world that greatly needs her gifts.” Naftali

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“Zelda is the most attentive and honest listener that I’ve ever met in my life. She has the ability to forget herself and the rest of the world, just to connect to your deep self.

Her kindness has changed my life many times, in moments where I did not know who else could have enough love to hear my most shameful secrets without judging me.

Zelda is not a friend, she’s not a coach, she’s an old soul that I wish you have the chance to work with, so she can help you heal and share with you some of her wisdom.”


“I had the opportunity to attend many of the workshops Zelda organized. Every time, I’ve learned to relax deeper, in a very soft atmosphere that she co-creates with great participants. I felt a deep connexion to myself, and a sense of community which made me remember that I am not alone in going through challenging emotions & situations, as much as joy & ecstatic moments. Thank you to the master of ceremony, Zelda, for the work she's doing!” Bona

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“We loved co-organising and facilitating our workshops with Zelda. She has great teamwork abilities and always manages to make a space feel safe and comfortable.

Her knowledge and experience with different art therapy methods helped our workshops participants to try things out, even when they worked on difficult experiences or highly sensitive topics.

We were always grateful to have her energy in the space and see her skillful ways of mobilizing the participants throughout the workshop."

Merav & Azin

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