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Hi! I'm Zelda


Space holder

Wizard for young hackers & founders



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Since I'm a kid, my goal is to transform our education system.

I dropped out of high school and worked in Edtech startups at 16yo. Then I created an educative program for young entrepreneurs and I wrote a book to help teenagers hack their education.

Later, I got trained in Art Therapy, Empathic Communication, and Psychology. I facilitate 1:1 sessions and love to create spaces for people to blossom in.

My current focus is helping young hackers, dropouts and founders become socially and emotionally abled.
I do so by hosting a podcast: dropUp, Twitter Spaces, and Young Hackers/ Founders circles.

Humanity’s Next Quest: Creativity as a Commodity


Last humanity's story arc was the invention of the internet. It granted us knowledge as a commodity.


What we need next is creativity. Why & what will be the innovation needed to allow this paradigm shift are the questions I answer in my new essay. Read more

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